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Modern confectionery equipment is used to create a wide variety of confectionery and pastries, including all kinds of cookies, muffins and muffins, croissants and gingerbread, cakes and pastries, marshmallows and many other sweets.

Confectionery equipment is represented by units that perform various processes, based on the characteristics of the finished product. Thus, large confectionery companies and private bakeries are equipped with mixers, kneaders, dough slicing machines, sheeting equipment, puff pastry making complexes, flour sifters and many other devices. Without this equipment it is impossible to imagine the work of any confectionery company.

Buy equipment for a confectionery at the best price in Kiev in Ukraine

In order for the activity of a confectionery company to generate income, confectionery products should be produced using high-quality, durable, practical equipment. It is this technique that is presented in the catalog of the online store of confectionery equipment SK INVENT. In our range you will find:

  • spray guns and airbrushes;
  • chocolate temperers;
  • mixers;
  • thermometers and pyrometers;
  • mixers for milkshakes;
  • blenders;
  • glider mixers;
  • meat grinders;
  • vegetable cutters;
  • gas lamps for caramel;
  • convection ovens;
  • ice generators;
  • refrigerated tables, refrigerated cabinets;
  • freezing tables, freezers;
  • shock freezing chambers;
  • hearth ovens;
  • pizza ovens;
  • proofing cabinets;
  • grills;
  • portable hood;
  • microwaves;
  • dishwashers.

The online store of confectionery equipment SK INVENT offers you equipment and inventory from leading foreign and domestic manufacturers that have proven themselves in the market for products for confectionery shops. A large selection will allow you to choose the equipment you need, which meets your requirements for cost and performance. The high-performance equipment offered on our website is designed to create real culinary masterpieces that your customers will definitely appreciate.

You can buy production equipment and buy confectionery equipment on the INVENT website of the following brands:

  • Kenwood;
  • chocolate world
  • Hendi;
  • Martellato;
  • Empero;
  • Andy Mannhart;
  • Wagner;
  • Femak;
  • Apache;
  • Sirman;
  • scan;
  • cold;
  • Bartscher;
  • Bron Coucke.

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