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If you buy a KENWOOD COOKING CHEF XL kitchen machine, you can choose any one nozzle as a gift! Bonuses and other pleasant surprises are also waiting for you.

The pasta tool set includes 3 dough tools and counts as one tool.

How to get a gift? Add your choice of attachments directly to your order with the KENWOOD COOKING CHEF XL kitchen machine. And the manager, when processing the order, will include them in the promotional set.

In addition to interesting promotional offers, Kenwood has consistently high quality equipment. Their kitchen appliances are equipped with innovative technologies. In particular, the new model KENWOOD COOKING CHEF XL.


The KENWOOD COOKING CHEF XL kitchen machine (Kenwood Cookin Chef XL) is one of the few equipped with induction heating. Thanks to this technology, the capabilities of this model are far ahead of analogues. It will significantly save time and at the same time raise the quality of cooking both complex culinary delights and everyday dishes.

Distinctive features of KENWOOD COOKING CHEF XL

The kitchen machine allows simultaneous stirring and cooking. Built-in induction allows you to heat the ingredients of dishes from 20 to 180 degrees. Temperature control is carried out using a built-in sensor that controls the temperature accuracy with an error of up to a degree. Daily cooking will stop taking a lot of time with the presence of such a kitchen device.

The basic equipment of the kitchen machine includes:

  • bowl;
  • whisk;
  • mixing nozzle;
  • flexible beater;
  • double boiler;
  • dough hook;
  • K-shaped nozzle.

Multifunctionality is sewn into a reliable metal case and is supported by well-thought-out technologies. Here are some of them:

1) Fine-tuning the temperature regime makes any tasks available:
37 ° C - melt honey.
45 ° C - work with chocolate, prepare yogurt.
60-65°С - sous vide.
70-80°C - pasteurization, baby purees.
98°C - brewing starch (sauces, creams).
100-180 ° C - boil, sauté, steam, fry.

2) The timer makes it possible to delay the start or set up autonomous stirring of different intensity.

3) Pulse mode helps to split even the hardest ingredients.

4) 1500W power ensures simultaneous operation and high performance on multiple processes.

5) Control via smartphone and weight sensors is already a necessity in the modern world.

6) The presence of an LCD display allows you to visually control the parameters of the preparation of the dish.

The KENWOOD COOKING CHEF XL kitchen machine has a huge number of protective options. Its engine is protected from the ingress of moisture and steam. And to protect the surface of the countertop, a special thermal mat is included.

You can buy a unique machine - KENWOOD COOKING CHEF XL in our online store! INVENT is the official dealer of KENWOOD COOKING CHEF XL kitchen appliances in the CIS.

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